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Everything Old is New Again

The resurgence of interest in reflected light has been generated by both Dedolight Lightstream and MSE’s Lightbridge. Not only do these reflectors create a beautiful quality of light they also assist in the greening of our industry.

As a result, there has also been a renewed interest in the Dedolight focusing Tungsten and HMI fixtures. Combined with fixture specific “Parallel Beam Adapters/intensifiers” which dramatically increases the light output makes Dedolight ideal for Cinema Reflective Light Systems.


The classic focusing fixture – synonymous with Dedo.

Pre-packaged kits or individual items available.
DLED4 & Turbo7 accessories are compatible with the DLH4.

DLH400/575 HMI:

Likely the most powerful HMI in the smallest physical light source. “The portable sun”.

Complete fixture available for $3,995.00 plus tax.
DLED9 & Turbo10 accessories are compatible with the DLH400.


This fixture has incredible light output powered by a single household wall socket.

DLED12 & 30 accessories are compatible with the DLED1200D

Important to Note:

All products listed above are supported by Dedolight; parts and service available.

Contact Terry Crack, 647 834 1824; for information and/or a quote.