Dedolight Lightstream & Parallel Beam Intensifiers
Replicating the Sun

Dedo Weigert discusses: “The Miracles of Parallel Light for Lightstream Practice”


Dedolight Lightstream Reflector #5 – a New Light Shaping Spread Factor

See the Lightstream Reflector #5 

Here comes the “Portable” Sun

Combining the Vintage DLH400DT 400/575 watt HMI focusing fixture with the DPBA-1419 Parallel Beam Intensifier results in a compact parallel beam source with unprecedented light output.

Photometrics of Excellence & Miracle

DP Ian Murray demonstrates and discusses:

The “DLH400DT – Journey into Dedolight Lightstream“

Watch the video here

The DBP70 was designed to work in collaboration with cinema reflector lighting systems; engineered to create a light exit angle of approximately 2 degrees.

The result is homogenous light distribution across the beam – a parallel light source.

In the following video, Adam Chambers, Gaffer on Ad Astra, discusses the decision to choose the DPB70 to replicate the Sun.

View Lightstream Catalogue Here 

Virtual Light Source – Creating the Illusion of Natural Light

In the following video DP Pete Burns demonstrates Interview Lighting with Dedolight Lightstream and how reflected light cheats the Square Law.

To be introduced in anticipation of a fall production season:

Dedolight Lightstream Lite – a compact, light weight reflector kit designed for small team production.

Dedolight Lightstream TableTop – for animation, scale models and product shots.

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