Dedo Catalogues

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Ledraptor Brochure

Our LED soft light – Panaura experience translated and refined in the LED world.

2019 Newsletter

This is a very good overview of the Dedolight product Line.

Turbo Series

Turbo 3 & 7 technical specifications –
The Whisper Light

Parallel Beam Adapter

DPA70 & Adapters designed to work with Dedolight Lightstream.


Light shaping.


Turbo 10 – 220 watt LED with active cooling. Bi-colour & Daylight.


220 watt LED with passive cooling. Bi-colour & daylight.


300 watt LED with passive cooling. Daylight.


Multi LED Panel lights, high output studio fixtures.

Pocket Ledrama

Smallest fixture in the LEDRAMA family. Excellent compliment to DLED2 & 3.

Felloni Turbo: Bi-colour

3rd generation Felloni with exceptional light output and colour.

Ledzilla2 & Ledzilla-BI

8 watt LED camera lights. Very efficient flood to spot, high output with compact fixture.


A flexible LED panel that actually holds it’s shape, water proof, AC or DC. A real problem solver

The Two Faces of Light: English

The original Dedolight catalogue. Dedo’s patented Double Asperics2 optics plus both hard and soft Classic and 400 series Dedo fixtures and accessories explained.

The Two Faces of Light: French

Le premier catalogue produit par Dedolight. Inclus est une explanation de lentilles asphériques doubles ainsi tout ce qui concerne les séries classique douce et directe et la gamme 400.

Portable Studio

In the emerging LED universe these Classic Series Tungsten lighting kits still deliver
versatile and beautiful quality of light.

DLAD (Dedolight Archetectural and Display)

This original catalogue includes an explanation of Dedo’s Assymetrical focussing fixtures. Precision Lighting for Museum, Gallery & Display. Currently we are in the process of up-dating these fixtures to LED; available on a per order basis.

Photo Catalogue

An original catalogue marketing Dedolight to the Photography industry. Includes some very good testimonials and ideas by some of the worlds most renowned photographers. As an added bonus – some beautiful pictures.